SEO + Analytics + Hosting

SEO, Analytics & Hosting

What use is a website without traffic? Our web design plans will include SEO from the get go. Our founders of the company have been leaders in the industry since 1998. Our plans also come with Google Analytics installation, free hosting, automated backup plans, domain renewals, routine security updates and protection from spam.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Our founders of the company have been in SEO business since 1998, the same year Google launched! We are the experts in SEO. Many other web design companies may be real good in web design, but not in SEO and in fact they may be outsourcing their SEO to offshore companies or even some outsource to us!

Our founders have optimized well over 5000 websites to date! There is no industry we are not familiar with. All our plans come with keyword research, basic site SEO and monthly ranking reports.

Should you need a more enhanced SEO package for competitive industries, we provide link building and social media marketing packages as well, which would further help your rankings.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the top analytics software used on the web and it is completely free! We include Google Analytics installation with every web design. We will provide you login info so you can monitor your own results, but we will also be monitoring it from our end and alert you of any important changes.

We own several web servers and will include hosting for all monthly packages at no additional fee. Our servers are always kept up to date with the latest security patches and we do our best to keep the servers up at all times. Our server admins are available 24/7 should there be any server issues to resolve them as quick as possible.

Email Hosting
Email hosting is included with all our plans on our servers, with come with Spam Assassin, which is a software to fight spam. Should you need a more robust email platform, we can set you up with Google Apps, which is accessible over the web and includes automatic backup features.