Get a professional website that’s managed by dependable people.

Your dedicated account team (located in Glendale, CA) will keep it updated and make improvements for you.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Brainstorming, planning and testing are all time consuming ventures that distract from what your business is trying to accomplish. Web Design Express is committed to relieving you of those burdens. Beginning with your consultation, we conceptualize every aspect of your site and present you with our thoughts. No micro-management required. Just sign off on the design and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Once your site is live, all you need to worry about is using it as an effective sales tool. We handle everything behind the scenes, including hosting and security. Every Web Design Express website comes with routine security updates, backups and analytics integration at no extra charge.

Changing or updating your custom design is even easier. Contact your account manager and tell us how you want your site to change. We’ll come up with a plan and implement it right there, or walk you through the process of changing the site yourself.

Custom Website Design: How it Works

We begin with a short consultation with you to learn more about what your needs are. Then we begin building a design that will offer the usability you seek, the optimization you need, and the scalability to fit properly on every device. The result is a brand new design built to your specifications and ready for deployment. This 4-step design process is fast and custom fit to you and your business:

  • » Step one: Consult with your new account manager (a brief call, about 30 minutes)
  • » Step two: We show you tens of templates to pick from based on your criteria!
  • » Step three: Provide us your content and pictures and give us a few weeks to complete design!
  • » Step four: Monthly monitoring, hosting and more included. Free monthly updates included if you are on our monthly plans!



Domains and Hosting Included

Web Design Express manages your hosting and domain so you don’t need to worry about renewals. You’ll also never worry about troubleshooting new updates, testing plugins or down time. Every site designed by Web Design Express comes with hosting and domain management:

  • » 100% uptime, free security updates and domain management
  • » We purchase and renew your domain so you never need to worry
  • » Dedicated account manager you can contact directly anytime


Monthly Improvements and Support Included

Web Design Express offers a superb content management solution for businesses with or without coding experience. Easily manage all of your content and updates yourself, or take advantage of your free support. Contact us and we’ll make any necessary changes if you’re under deadline.

  • » 2 hours of updates and support included with monthly membership
  • » Complete access to make your own updates
  • » Superior customer support team with a history of SEO and Web Design service


Award-Winning SEO Included

Our parent company has been around since 1998, and we are veterans in the Search Engine Optimization Industry. One reason we stand out among the DIY templates is that our sites are built with search engine visibility in mind. We find specific keywords that are likely to bring you traffic, we create top-notch content and it’s all included. These are some of the huge values others would charge for that we offer to our members as part of their membership:

  • » Competitive keyword analysis
  • » Optimized content for your products and services
  • » Distribution to the top search engines


Analytics Integration and Review Included

Every Web Design Express site comes equipped with Google Analytics, one of the most reliable tools for website analysis. Our support staff can show you how to use analytics to measure your site’s success, track where your traffic comes from and find suggestions for improving your prospects.

  • » Discover more information about your audience
  • » Find out which of your pages, products or services are most popular
  • » Free support, including analytics review


Free Design Upgrade Every Three Years

Businesses change, as do tastes. Web Design Express guarantees its most loyal customers free upgrades every three years to keep your site competitive and attractive. This ensures your business is never struggling to keep up with the industry.

  • » Save thousands of dollars re-designing your website
  • » Never feel left behind by your industry


Everything Else

We don’t stop with these services, but these are the most commonly requested.
We can custom-build any plan to suit your needs, including social media marketing.
Feel free to give us a call with any questions at (877) 724-9998.

» Build Leads

We can build contact forms that convert visitors into sales leads. A wide range of options are designed to fit any business’ needs, including the ability to offer downloads as part of marketing campaigns.

» Sleek Image Sliders

Our design team can whip up anything you need, from dynamic sliders to parallax scrolling. Go ahead and challenge us.

» Social Media Integration

Add social media icons and feeds to your Web Design Express site. We can integrate your site with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest – you name it.

» Mobile Friendly

All Web Design Express sites are designed to be mobile friendly, which is the new standard set forth by the major search engines. That means visitors can use any device to view your new website.

» E-commerce Store

Web Design Express can design an e-commerce experience to sell products and services to customers.


» Professional Blogs

Blogs improve SEO and let businesses share thoughts and trends within their industry. Building and managing a blog is easy with Web Design Express.

» Search Engine Optimization

We incorporate the latest in search engine optimization thinking to optimized our custom websites. We handle competitive keyword research, integration and meta-everything so search engines find you.

» Website Backups

Your website is kept secure thanks to routine security updates and website backups. Never lose a page, post or picture with Web Design Express.

» Massive Collection of Images

Forget stock photos, your membership entitles you access to our large library of high-quality images at no additional charge. Web Design Express will find exactly the right picture for you.

» Web-Friendly Fonts

Web Design Express offers more than 500 types of Web and mobile-friendly fonts to give your site the look you want. From unique branding to eye-catching headlines, custom fonts come at no extra charge.

» Offer Downloads

Offer free downloadable reports, spreadsheets and more with the ability to host downloadable content. Web Design Express can even password protect files for greater security.

» Domain Name Management

Whether you own your own domain name, or you need a new one, Web Design Express handles every aspect of purchase and renewal. Never worry about your domain expiring.